Ranks of the Order

The prestigious Order of the Blue Cross is a high honor awarded to unique individuals by George Criser Graf und Freiherr von Bothmer zu Schwegerhoff. This award acknowledges your efforts to preserve and enhance the nation of Hungary. It is earned in one "or more" unique and important ways.



Crossed swords acknowledge individuals that have distinguished themselves militarily in service of our great nation.
   Laurel leaves are reserved for those who distinguish themselves and their country in intellectual pursuits in the fine arts and sciences. 
   The Crest of Hungary is awarded to Hungarian citizens that have courageously and honorably shown to be the best Hungary has to offer. 
The Grand Cross: this is the Crown of St. Stephen. It is awarded to foreign dignitaries and those who are already in the Order of the Blue Cross for their great service to the nation of Hungary.

   The award of the Blue Cross of Saint Stephen makes you a part of a prestigious new Order specifically designed to honor those that do service to the great people of Hungary.

HRH George Graf and Freiherr von Bothmer zu Schwegerhoff, Supreme Grand Master, Order of the Blue Cross of Saint Stephen

Most worldwide Orders of Chivalry ceased to exist between the time of the Dissolution of the Feudal system in 1919 through the end of World War II and the historical ruin of Communism. Since this time, attempts have been made in different ways to re-establish the loss of these ancient Orders of Chivalry. Some, such as the Order of Malta, remained successfully as a part of the Roman Catholic Church, and others were re-established with the same name, sometimes by different people for different reasons, and yet other new Orders have arisen in the past 20 years.
The Order of the Blue Cross is ancient and has its founding traditions hailing back to the runic traditions of the Nordic Troth.

The Order of the Blue Cross resolves to bring the way of our Ancient Ancestors to modern generations from whom it has been stolen by the Communists. After four generations of absence of freedom in the countries behind the "Iron Curtain", there has been a considerably devastation of thousands of years of European Culture, Art and Knowledge. The philanthropic benefit of our Order is divided into several parts. To the world as a whole includes support in the modern research of autism and research into all forms of causes of developmental disabilities

Members of the Order are involved in historic preservation activities including that of buildings and castles, ancient artifacts including manuscripts, artwork, and monuments. Working in league with monasteries, we also endeavor to recover records of the long forgotten families of lost graveyards through the research of genealogical, baptismal, and civil records. While we are headquartered in what is known as the Jewel of Eastern Europe (Budapest, Hungary), our area of support includes all peoples of the world to whom culture is important.


Description of Rule
The Order of the Blue Cross of Saint Stephen is governed according to the ancient Rule of Chivalric Orders of Knighthood. This provides a formal structure of rank and achievements that may be earned over the course of one�s life of service. While a more detailed description is available to those who may be interested in beginning a journey on the path of Knighthood, it may be assumed that when one approaches the entry point they should be individuals of positive opinion with a basic understanding of the world around them. People of clarity, conscience, and accountability are encouraged to apply. It is our belief that hereditary honors as an acknowledgment promotes a long lasting family tradition of the pursuit of excellence.

I met His Majesty George von Bothmer in Lodge shortly after he had been "Made a Mason On Sight", an extreemly rare and honored status among Masons.  He had just joined our Lodge and we had a great oportuntiy to get acquainted.  We had visited him a number of times at his home in Beaverton, OR and learned much about his efforts to reclaim the throne of Hungary.  HRM George had indicated that he was impressed with the acomplishments of myself as well as that of Gerhart Walch and MWB Fred Overstreet from Hawaii and to honor us for our achievements and charitable work he had offered to grant us all knighthoods into his Order.  And, once knighted, I will be a knight in his order forever. 

Sir Gerhart, Sir Fred Overstreet and Sir Robert

Most Worshipful Fred Overstreet is dubbed a Knight Grand Cross in the Order of the Blue Cross of St. Stephen and as a Knight of Honor in the Order of the Black Tower in the chapel in HRM Georges home in May of 2007.  Sir Fred was the architect of the Hawaiian Grand Lodge and also served as Grand Master of that body.  He and his wife still live ion Oahu in Punalulu and he is still active as a Mason.

Sir Gerhart Walch is dubbed a Knight Grand Cross in the Order of the Blue Cross of St. Stephen and as a Knight of Honor in the Order of the Black Tower.  Sir Gerhart has continued his journey in Masonic leadership and has served at thehead of all York Rite bodies as well as in the line in the Scottish Rite and has distinguished himself for his work in the Shriners.  Gerhart continues to serve as the CEO of the Belize project, is a recent Harvard graduate and is proceeding with the development of that Central American property.

Sir Robert Keller is dubbed a Knight Grand Cross in the Order of the Blue Cross of St. Stephen and as a Knight of Honor in the Order of the Black Tower.  My credits are listed elsewhere in this web page.  I was fortunate to visit many times with HRM George.  Patty and I would go to see him in Beaverton and always had the most enjoyable times.  King George could have made a good living as a stand up comic if he hadn't been condemed being a monarch, albeit in exile.  I am proud to be a knight in hes service and will always extend to him my courteous loyalty.

HRM pesents his newly made knights to the attendees in the chapel.

Visiting with HRM George and HRM Julie outside their home and Consulate in Beaverton.  We were actually on Swiss soil for the knighting.

HRM George came over to our floatign home after the investiture and we all enjoyed an afternoon of fellowship on the river.  That's what knighthood is all about.  We are the best of friends, for a lifetime,, even if separated by distance or circumstance. 

The Order of the Blue Cross of St. Stephen
Distinguished Military Service
Distinguished Achievement in the Arts & Sciences
Distinguished Citizenship to the Country
Grand Cross, highest hoor of distinction
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Order of the Black Tower

The Order of the Black Tower is another Order of Knighthood under the protection of HRM Geroge von Bothmer.  It was organized primarily to create a force of arms to provide the emputus and funding for the restoration of the Black Tower in Hungary.